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8.4a to 8.4n

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When I bought my Rebel, the only option that I didn't get what Navigation thinking that I wouldn't use it. I am now interested in getting it. I called the dealership and they want 1100 bucks to make my 8.4a navigation usable.

I was wondering if anyone knows of a cheaper way to get that? I know on the older Dodge vehicles, it was as simple as buying the software on a USB drive and "uploading" it to the vehicle. Does something like this exist for the Ram?
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Go to another dealer. They are screwing you. I've seen it down here in Texas for $500 which is reasonable and they're still making money.
I agree go to a different dealer. I had the 8.4a on my 14' Ram and got offers in the mail in regards to adding the NAV and it was around $500.
Yeah shop around for sure. I looked into it but I will just use my phone, cheaper and I still have unlimited data on Verizon so might as well use it. I heard that you have to pay yearly for that, is there any truth to that ?
If you don't have a smartphone, you can always get a GPS for less than $100. No way I'd pay 11x that to have it built into my truck. Plus the portable unit can be taken in your other vehicles, or on your bike, snowmobile, etc.

Yeah, after some thought and asking my buddies at work today, I'm just going to keep using my phone. I guess I only have used the GPS on the phone a handful of times so it doesn't warrant me spending the extra $$$ on it. I also have unlimited data on my phone so I'll just keep using it. Thanks for the responses though!
That leaves you $1,100 for other mods to your truck you'll enjoy more. :)
My dealer activated it at delivery for 500.00
My dealer activated my nav for free. or should I say, I made it part of the purchase deal. It took a total of 15 minutes to complete it. 5 minutes for the tech to activate it and 10 minutes waiting for head office back east to call back and say yes it is communicating with them.
That's insane for what they are asking for an already capable unit that just needs to be activated.
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