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Hi all,

I'm very close to pulling the trigger on a gently used Ram Rebel (35k miles or so at the most). I know I want a Rebel but I can't decide whether to get a 2017/2018 or a 2019/2020.

It's a really hard choice for me. I can't even decide which one of the two I like better in terms of looks. Both are awesome looking and I know both are very capable trucks in all aspects.

Is the newest model worth the 4-7k extra I'll have to pay for it or should I just keep that money in my pocket and go for the previous generation?

I'm also wondering whether the double cab is reasonably sized or way too small. I have two kids who will be in boosters (not baby seats) and an 11y old. A double cab brings the newest gen Rebel closer to the 4th gen in terms of price.

Choices, Choices.

Thoughts welcome!
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