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4 months, 2760 miles and endless smiles...

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I think I've seen and driven my Rebel through enough various conditions to give a comprehensive impression and review for a four month span.

The nuts and bolts of the interior:

Build quality is a mixed bag, I am tempted to use the word "rushed" when I think of a how to describe the interior fit and finish. I think the materials used for the dash and the seats are spot on and give a rugged but luxurious sensation. The details in the dash and console sometimes make me feel like I'm in a luxury sedan, top marks on interior design. But it's not all perfect, I have loose bits here and there. The center speaker cover on the dash is loose and will rattle in heavy bumps. My headliner seems loose around the perimeter of my sunroof, a shame, because I think its the sexiest headliner I've ever seen in a truck. The worst of it would have to be the alignment of the drivers door. I noticed on a 1hour highway drive my left foot was cold. Putting my hand down to the bottom trim I could feel a strong cold breeze at the break between door and the step guard. Closely checking the door weather strip, found that it was actually the door itself that was to blame. Obviously these are all easily corrected by the dealer, but you would think these types of problems would be easy to catch at the factory.

Overall, interior design and finish - 8 out of 10

Power train and suspension:

What can I say, the most fun I've had with my clothes on in a long time is the way I use to describe the experience of driving a Rebel. The steering is tight and agile, I always feel in total control. The air-ride has been absolutely flawless and a real eye catcher when I lower it for the family at the store. And the power of the Hemi seems utterly limitless! The four wheel drive is as it should be and the electronic controls are very responsive, switching between modes quickly. The 8 speed transmission is a thing of beauty. I was concerned I wouldn't like using the gear up and down buttons on the steering wheel, but truth be told, this transmission is so responsive I always feel I'm at the optimum rpm range for whatever I'm doing. Again, top marks in giving the driver the utmost in luxury senses. Very impressive. Other than the recalls, which I was not affected, the build quality of the engine, trans and suspension seem top shelf.

Power and suspension - 9.5 out of 10

Paint and exterior trim:

I find the paint and trim a mixed bag. It might be the mix of materials that has me at odds with the feel of the design. I love the 2 tone with the Granite and Black. But the black paint is clear coated where as all the other black on the truck is either powder coated steel or powder coated textured plastic. Definitely not the best paint job I've seen on a new truck. This will be the second area the dealer and I will be addressing. I have a small bit of paint missing in the body gap between the hood and fender close to the headlight. There is also what can only be described as a "scuffing" in the clearcoat of the driver rear fender at the top. Only visible in the right light. But other than that, from the curb this is one sexy frickin truck!

Paint and Trim - 7.5 out of 10

Others have had smaller and or bigger issues with the build quality of their Rebels. But the one underlying theme of owners on this forum is that issues aside, this is a very fun truck to drive and is a head-turner from front to back!

My overall score of my REBEL at 4 months - 8.5 out of 10
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i love the interior of the truck, it is so comfortable and roomy. Plus the alpine audio. Really enjoy that with the sirius and some hair nation playing.

Mine has paint issues too, they missed spots along the bottom where they two toned it. Someday I will get it repainted, maybe.

I am at 5000 miles in 4 months. Next week, suspension issues resolved finally....I hope.
Good post VaderRebel! Excellent points shared. I have noticed the foot well area seems to be a bit "drafty." I'll have to check out the door seems, but just glancing at it, the body lines are good/excellent with exception of my front bumper.
Good review Vader.

I must have gotten lucky this time. I've washed and waxed mine and I didn't find any paint problems or notice any body gap issues. It seems that I have always found some issue with the new vehicles I've had in the past! I am pretty impressed with the overall build quality of the Rebel (and I must admit I am very picky!!).
Good news is always good to hear!
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