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35W HID's in the Rebel

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Hey guys,

Excuse my ignorance, I did a quick search here with no real results.

Am I correct in saying that I will require a canbus compatible HID kit for the Rebel? I'm looking to go 6K HID in the lowbeams.

Is it going to be a kit where it is wired to the battery with a relay and etc? Or do the canbus kits have a magic box that "just figure it out".

Thanks in advance!

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for 2015+ models you supposedly will need some magic box, much more complex then most canbus kits.

check retrofitsource or retroshop
Alright, after some research and work on the subject I think I have the answers.

The Lowbeam bulb is a 9012.
The Highbeam bulb is a 9005.

Dodge has gone to a new wiring system for the 2015 year.
Typical canbus kits from previous years WILL NOT work. You need a kit which is specifically designed for the 2015+

9012 uses the same base as a 9006/9005.
Upgrading to a 9005 or otherwise in the lowbeam would actually be a downgrade. The 9012 is fairly new to the North American market.
A typical lumen rating of a 9012 seems to be around 1875lu. A 9005 is typically 1700lu.
Piaa / Nighthawk etc don't seem to make aftermarket bulbs yet in the 9012.

Most 35W HID kits will be around 2500lu per bulb, but require a complete wiring harness.

Brightsource is one of the first complete kits to market for this application, and I already have mine on order.

Brightsource Application Guide:
Application Guide
500 bucks for a kit? they only show listings for 2014 models
a 4300k hid bulb should be 3200 raw lumens.
yes most kits have the need to drill a 1" hole for the rubber grommet that comes attached to the bulbs.

i have my kit from retrofitsource coming, came right to ~200 after shipping. they have 10% off code posted on their facebook.

any problems with your kit? Does it run more then 20 mins without shutting off?
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I've completely shelved the 9012 HID idea.

This truck goes off road - frequently. Not saying i'm going to swamp the thing, but the truck gets used… And up here in Canada the forests are almost always moist. I refuse to risk the potential for headlight leaks.

I did find that the Putco brand makes 9012 replacement bulbs. They seem to be about the only brand who do. Now I don't know if they are going to be "brighter" per say.. They may however have an aesthetically pleasing colour output.

9012 Putco Halogen Bulbs | 9012 HIR Replacement Halogen Bulbs

I'm considering going with their "mirror white" 4000K. It seems as though the "Nitro Blue" may hinder light output.
I'll be doing the high beam's in 9005 at the same time.
So you never installed the HID kit? Properly installed it will not leak. I've had retrofit hid kits for years and never had a leak.
I think the stock 9012 bulbs have a 3600k color? You also have to make sure that the bulbs are actual HIR2 bulbs which put out a lot more lumens then non HIR2 bulbs.

I'll be installing my morimoto 50w kit this weekend.

Also a note, 9012 can be interchanged with 9006 bulbs which would be 1870 lumens vs 1000 lumens

9011 can be interchanged with 9005 bulbs which would be 2350 lumens vs 1700 lumens.

My suggestion would be to buy a set of 9011(HIR1) oem bulbs to swap into high beam for a few extra lumens for high beaming. Trimming of tabs required.
I understand that you've had no issues... But when I say we're offroad a lot... I mean every weekend.
And there is never not water, in any season. We always have water. Constant puddle splashing. We're not crossing streams, or bogging - but you get the picture.

I did not install the HID kit.
The cuts I was going to have to make in the back cover did not leave me with a warm and fuzzy feeling. Cutting open the back cover means the potential to leak. I'm good with it sealed just like stock.

Brightsource offers pre-cut and pre-sealed headlight door kits. I may try this again once they are in stock at my local warehouse.

The 9012 bulbs I have coming are HIR specific. And they are definitely not 9006. I know all about the differences.
You are right on the 9011's though - I will be looking for a set of those for my highbeams. :)
i'll take some pics this weekend when i do mine. But a single 7/8" hole on each side i am comfortable with.
Yes I've seen that before. I've heard these headlights are real prone to water. Moisture, etc.

Any modification to the back door and they are not covering warranty claims...
Yea that is my biggest worry! can't find replacement Rebel headlights yet. The regular black sport ones have the "ugly" chrome projector shroud.
confirming that the retrofitsource kit works 100%. i forgot to plug in my passenger side plug inside the headlight, so it was showing light out. had to connect oem bulb to reset code then plugged resistors back and worked 100%
no turning off etc, and super bright.
Only thing i dislike is that one of the 2 OEM headlights has the bulb locking into a weird position where the bulb didnt have the grounding wire pointed down.
no moisture problems. Installed 2 weeks ago.
There shouldnt be any changes between 2015 and 2016
they both use the same 9012 bulbs.
Actually somwhere along the way the 2016s started using bi-halogens projectors, with 9005/9005 pairs. While the 2015 projectors were HIR2/9005 sets. (HIR2=9012)

Caught me by surprise, too.
if so they downgraded the bulbs. thats crazy? no idea why asides from saving a few bucks per set of bulbs.
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