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New to owning a truck and a Ram 1500 Rebel 2019 Quad Cab- Hemi - took truck to local dodge dealer still under 30,000 miles - but got the card stating the maintenance check up was due - they procedded to tell me I needed to replace the front & rear diff fluids - the air filter - replace the trans case fluid - and do the induction cleaning - to the tune of around $900.00.
Now I can see the air filter - but the rest? Help me out here?
Bought used @ 24,800 miles - it has off road package - but we have not used it yet - we drive very mild & local only at the moment
does not seem to have been abused by previous owner.
I had oil changed & tires rotated. I do need new tires.
Asked a friend that is a retired mechanic - he LOL and said NO NO NO - but I have not had a chance to hook up with him to have him look over the truck - hope soon.
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