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I have a 2017 full NAV, Alpine system and cannot get my iPhone or two others to work correctly in the vehicle.

I try with direct connect using Apple certified cable
I try with bluetooth

The following always happens-

1. Every time I get into the truck the playlist starts over at the same song every time
2. Sometimes it takes foreever for lists to load even on bluetooth
3. Sometimes while playing from iPhone the system locks up- Wont advance song, wont go back, or will get stuck in loop and play a few seconds of the song over and over
4. Sometimes wont connect to the truck at all - even via bluetooth

This has happened on 3 iPhones and 1 android and its annoying as **** I had a 2014 Big Horn before this and never really had any problems with Apple integration WHAT the **** did Uconnect, Chrysler do besides remove Pandora, Slacker, iHeart in system abilities.

I feel like we have gotten screwed over and purposely due the huge changes in the 2019 including Apple Car play while most every other Chrysler, Dodge product already has carplay, I think they screwed us on purpose.
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