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2016 stock rebel wheels for sale

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These wheels are currently on the vehicle! Selling for $1100.00!! Buyer pays UPS freight!! Waiting until I sell these to put my new ones on!!!
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Do we know what the cost from the manufacturer is? Can you post a picture just to show us what we are considering?

And lets see the new ones too, just out of curiosity.
Wheels for sale

These wheels are about $500 per wheel from Dodge. As for a pic, just look at any rebel with stock wheels in this forum.
Here is a pic of the new wheels!


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Oh wow, those are really cool. Quite bold. I'll be happy to see what they look like when they are installed.
Please Post a pic once you got those bad boys on! Im excited for you!

These wheels are sold!!!
Im selling mine to. Private Message me if interested. 4 rims in new shape.
My buddy has those on his black sport and those are sick!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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