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2016 Rebel on 315/70/17 General grabbers

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I thought I would post pictures and information of my truck since these forums have served as my inspiration and was a great source for me during my shopping.
I was probably going to go with an 18 inch fuel Covert wheel, but when they were back ordered I opted to stick with factory rebel rims.

After some consideration I went with general grabber ATX in 315/70/17. These tires are large and supplier states they measure to 34.5x12.4, however I will get a tape to them to confirm because they seem like every bit of 35” whereas tires like KO2’s in 315s measure on the smaller side at 34. I did have to go with a small wheel spacer in order to move the tires off the inner control arms, seen in the picture below

I went with a Bora spacer and had them custom make them in 1 inch width for me, it worked out great and I really love the stance.

There is no rubbing so far, however when turned the tires come about 3/8” away from the back of the wheel wells where the molded splash guards are mounted on the fenders.

I don’t run adjustable leveling links or spacers(yet), all stock

Let me know what you all think, let’s get some conversion going in here and revive this gen of Rebel!
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I have a white 2018 Ram Rebel with the black out package. I liked the stock wheels, but I went a size taller on the side wall. I put on 285 75r17 KO2’s. They measure around 34” and fill in the wheel Wells a bit more. Look a bit beefier then the Toyos that came on it. I didn’t want spacers or rubbing issues and I think that’s about as big as I could go while staying stock. Only down side is I lost 1mpg and I really didn’t have mpg’s to spare. Whatever, the price of admission for bigger tires.
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