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2" spacers???

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Anyone try any 2" spacers on stock tires? Pros and cons? Which ones should i get if i do
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I would avoid it completely. The problems start when you begin messing with the fundamental engineering and design parameters of the truck. My best suggestion, whatever wheel or tire you decide to go with try to keep it factory spec i.e. size, width and most importantly weight (don't add to unsprung weight).
Working in the tire industry myself, I see a couple times a week the negatives with adding wheel spacers onto a vehicle. They completely change the geometry of the steering and suspension, a lot of times in a negative manner. Also, you absolutely have to make sure they are torqued to the hub properly and than the wheels are torqued to the spacer properly. If they are not, than you may have a wheel come loose while driving. I have seen this happen first hand. It's also important to make sure they are "hub centric" as putting non hubcentric hub spacers onto your vehicle puts the entire weight and road force on the lug studs. Lug studs are not designed for that force as they are just designed to hold the wheel to the vehicle. The hub lip actually holds the weight of the vehicle. Additionally, they add additional wear and tear to your hub/suspension components.

In a nut shell, I would suggest NOT getting them. If you do though, understand the risks involved with getting them. You would be better off and safer getting yourself a nice set of aftermarket wheels that are hubcentric if you want an offset look.
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I wouldn't use spacers they are notorious for breaking and wheels falling off.................I was unsure of this until I had one of my Sub-Contractors call me a few days after he had spacers and wheels installed and his wheel came off on the interstate....
Probably shouldn't laugh at that but I did.

Seems like there's more con to getting wheel spacers than pro, unless you're going on track with a race car and that seems to be the only time where they should be used.
Why do you want to add wheel spacers?
Run wheel spacers, can make the tires are flush with the fenders, looks more beautiful, I just run the BONOSS wheel spacers on my Audi RS5, do you think beautiful?

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