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Was driving about 50mph on a country road today, I met a school bus and then a car , next a GMC half ton pickup. I think he was trying to see in front of the bus, anyway we hit mirrors, my Rebel has the tow mirrors with the entry light in them.
My mirror folded in and has a couple scratches. His mirror shattered the glass and the plastic.
Of course I think he was left of center and he thinks it was my fault. He did not want me to call the sheriff's dept for a report . We discussed swapping insurance but decided deductibles would cover it
His truck lost for sure but I'm positive it was not my fault
He mentioned a few times how far my mirrors stick out .... I never have folded them out into the tow position as I have not yet hooked to a trailer and think they look ridiculous folded out when not towing. The Ram mirrors do stick out further than the GMC's
So now I have to live with some scratches
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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