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12" screen totally blank

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I've owned my 2020 Rebel (all stock and 41k miles) for about 2 weeks. A couple nights ago on the way home, the 12" screen went blank. Nothing we did would revive it. When I got home I tried one of the reboot sequences (that i think now is not correct), holding power and tune for 10 seconds and it did nothing. I disconnected the battery overnight and it came on when I started the next morning. That same day it went blank again. I performed a new reset sequence which included putting in ACC, holding power/tune for 30 sec, turning off, opening door, etc. Again the screen came on when cranked. I don't know if it will hold, but I'm assuming it won't. I haven't checked the software version yet (and don't know how to yet), but was hoping someone here already had a good fix. From what I can tell researching this morning, there aren't any smoking guns. I saw on another forum that someone suggested checking the backup camera wire to see if pinched. I haven't done that yet, but will try. This is the wifes baby and right now she's not too happy.
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