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Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl Coat
Ram Rebel Package 26W, Ram Box package , Air Ride , Shift gears on steering wheel , Key Less , Roll~N~lock Bed Cover,trailer package ,
Bought truck in Dec 2017 first truck in 18 yrs. . I had the roll~N~Lock added with truck, dealer add on Discount of $800 off . Must say this is the most I have ever spent on a truck. Drove at dealer 17miles on it almost 4000 now. It does take some time to figure out all of the functions. I had all warranty packages that they offered included windows, tires , rims , engine replacement drive train , scratch paint retouch up some I can't think of right now. Did not get sun roof if you four wheel a lot they seem to get leaks dry rot had friends who had them. They would cover in warranty. They Do now.
Wife called while at dealer ask if I had found a truck (was looking at Lone Star) I told her I was getting a Rebel She ask what does it look like.
I said Bad A##. When she saw she said that was a good reply!

Have owned Chevy,GMC,Ford,Dodge Ram trucks. Glad I chose the Rebel
2018 Ram Rebel (Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl Coat)


5.7-liter V8 HEMI MDS VVT Engine
Rebel Package black/ red interior colors, Shift gears on steering wheel, vol control,change station, cruise control , phone calls, dash board selection switches, has three button for garage door ,auto-gate & home alarm, rear window button, led light for console inside top cab, can change functions from display or control knobs , also has cell phone holder and lots of places to put things.
Ram Box package ,I had the roll~N~Lock added with truck dealer add on. The way the bed is in the ram box package is nice the divider is good add slots on side of panels inside bed. The bed coating is nice you can put plywood in the back it is a little over 4ft W. Had the two tie down rails on it before the roll~N~Lock. It has L E D lights on both sides in the bed and inside the ram box. Also Added valve stem caps black lol .Heated windows and mirrors, Key Less entry, remote start, can lower remotely not raise. has three button for garage door ,auto-gate & home alarm
Want to add Lights and wench still looking to see what fits and if I like it. Don't want replace front bumper yet waiting to see if can find a brush bumper guard for wench.

Added light bars like the way it looks and it brightens up everything in front of you. It will be great for off road and for going to west Texas.
Draw back is the road noise it sounds like a hurricane is forming on top of cab.They told me of a few thing to do to bring noise level down. Did not even think about road noise. I was concerned about putting holes on top of cab.
Added pipe insulation For cold weather cut pieces to put in the fins on back of light bar.
Tilted the light bar upward.
If the wind is blowing there is still noise not loud enough to worry about (can hear music just fine). When this insulation dry rots I am going to use the foam in a can stuff then clean it off with a plastic scraper.
Standard Rebel has cd player inside console USB ports, aux, 110v ac and 12v dc. I use phone blue tooth for Pandora the sound is very clear. Didn't get the upgraded speaker and amp glad gives more storage space.
Air Ride Really like it put engine in bed it automatically adjusted the height while truck was off when tightening straps.
Also from (entry-exit, aero , normal , off road) is 4" adjusts automatically aero to normal and back while driving. Has no steering pump electronic steering looked didn't see pump.
Wheel and Tire
Toyo Open Country Stock
17-inch x8 inch alum Wheels w/Matte black pocket
LT285/70R17E BSW All terrain tires



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